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Home Run Derby Math – a Math Baseball Game

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9 – 12
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Mental Math (Addition)


Text Instructions:

Step 1.) Select the operations you wish to be included in the game. The object of the game is to bash home runs the farthest distance possible by calculating accurate estimations of math problems. The closer your estimation, the longer your ball flies! If you answer exactly your home run travels an unbelievable 500 feet! You have ten total at-bats. If your estimation is too far off however, you’ll swing and miss. Three strikes and the game is over.

Step 2.) Find the math problem on the right side of the scoreboard. Because this is an estimation game, you don’t have to answer exactly – try for a good estimation. Type your answer where it reads "Your Answer," then, click "done" and then "hit." You have fifteen seconds for each problem.

Step 3.) If your estimation was accurate, you will crush a home run. The game calculates the distance your home runs (and non-home runs) travel, and the cumulative distance, or, thte total distance of all your hits.