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ClockWorks – A Telling Time Game

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Telling Time
Telling Time to the Hour
Telling Time to the Half-Hour
Telling Time to the Quarter-Hour
Telling Time to the Minute
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Text Instructions:

  • Step 1.) Choose game play options
  • Step 2.) Find the time in red letters toward the bottom of the screen.
  • Step 3.) Set the clock to that time by first clicking on the “hour” button. Next, move the cursor over to the clock and click on the spot in which the hour hand would point to. Then, click on the “minute” button and then on the part of the clock that the minute hand would point to. The hands of the clock will automatically move to your selections. For example, if the time in red letters is 2:15, first click on “hour” and then on the “2″ in the clock. Then, click on “minute” and click on the “3″ on the clock. This will se the clock to 2:15. You have three minutes to set as many clocks as possible.