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Civil War Worksheets and Activities for Kids


This page provides free printable critical-thought and role-playing printouts about the Civil War.


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Civil War Printable Activities Terms of Use Policy

These activities can be printed, reproduced, and distributed to students by schools, teachers, or parents, free of charge on an unlimited basis as long as the MrNussbaum Logo remains intact.
Abraham Lincoln’s Dream – This printout describes Abraham Lincoln’s famous dream about his own assassination and then requires students to describe and draw a scene from a powerful dream they’ve had.
Oh Captain! My Captain! – The prinout describes Walt Whitman’s famous Oh Captain! My Captain! elegy to President Lincoln and then asks students to think of their own hero and to write a similar poem.
Wanted: A Good Union General – This is a fun activity that describes the deficiencies of the five commanders Lincoln appointed as Commanders of the Army of the Potomac. Students are required to craft a "Wanted" posted for an effective Union General and to describe the necessary qualities needed for such an important position.
Civil War Calendar – This is an activity that requires students to research important events of the Civil War and to identify the day each occurred (for posting on the calendar). There are 31 total events. Answer sheet for teachers provided.
Time Terms of the Gettysburg Address – This activity investigates time words such as "score," fortnight, and sesquicentennial and requires students to figure out important dates by performing calculations with those amounts.
The Irony of Wilmer McLean – This activity describes the ironic situation of Wilmer McLean, whose claim to fame was the Civil War "started in his front yard and ended in his front parlor." This activity requires students to make a comic about the situation.
The Many Names of the Civil War – This activity explains the different names given to the Civil War and requires them to think of a new, more descriptive terms than just "Civil War"
Frederick Douglass Life Timeline – This chart requires students to research Frederick Douglass on before filing out a chart that describes the major milestones and accomplishments of his life
“Stonewall” – This handout discusses how Thomas J. (Stonewall) Jackson got his nickname and requires students to think of how characters in literature, sports, or in their own lives got their nicknames.
The Great Squander – This handout discusses the failure of Union General McClellan at Antietam and asks students to write about an experience in their lives in which they missed a golden opportunity.
The 82 year long Grudge – This writing prompt describes the “grudge” the citizens of Vicksburg, Mississippi held against the United States Government after the fall of their city in July of 1863. Independence Day was not celebrated in the Mississippi River town until after World War II. This writing prompt requires students to describe a grudge they have had, or, to describe one in literature, or sports, or if someone has had a grudge against them.
Civil War Nicknames – This handout requires users to think about various nicknames attributed to Civil War figures and to draw literal translation (e.g. Jeb Stuart, the Eyes of the Confederacy)
Tough Decisions – This handout requires users to think about the difficult decision that faced Robert E. Lee at the onset of the Civil War – take the command of the Union Army, or, fight for the Confederacy? Students then must relate a similar experience where he or she had to choose one side or the other and the associated opportunity cost.
Civil War Legends: Who am I? (NEW) – Students must read the “conversations” from eight Civil War legends and determine who is talking.
I Remember Where I was…. (NEW) – Students must relate to the enormity and magnitude of Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation by writing about (in their opinion) the most impactful new event in their own lives.
Landmarks of the Gettysburg Battlefields (NEW) – Students must use the process of elimination, problem solving, and logic to successfully label the important points during the Battle of Gettysburg such as Little Round Top, Cemetery Ridge, Culp’s Hill, and 15 others.
It’s all Wrong! (NEW) – Students must read the paragraph describing the causes of the Civil War and correct 15 glaring mistakes.
Slavery from Multiple Perspectives – This chart will help students analyze the institution of slavery in its meaning and implications from five different perspectives
Confederate, Union, and Border States Map – This map allows students to color in Confederate, Union, and Border States and to make a key indicating the colors of each.
Ten Deadliest Battles of the Civil War – This printout features a map showing the locations of the top ten deadliest battles in the American Civil War, followed by a chart detailing those battles
Civil War Reading Comprehension (grades 5 + )
Abe Lincoln Reading Comprehension (Middle Years 1 – grades 5 + )
Abe Lincoln Reading Comprehension (Middle Years 2 – grades 5 + )
Abe Lincoln Reading Comprehension (Middle Years 3 – grades 5 + )
Abe Lincoln Reading Comprehension (Presidential Years 1 – grades 5 + )
Abe Lincoln Reading Comprehension (Presidential Years 2 – grades 5 + )
Abe Lincoln Reading Comprehension (Presidential Years 3 – grade 5 + )
Abe Lincoln Reading Comprehension (Presidential Years 4 – grade 5 + )
Battle of Fort Sumter (Charleston Harbor, SC) Reading Comprehension (grades 4 + )
First Battle of Bull Run (Manassas, VA) Reading Comprehension (grades 4 + )
Battle of the Ironclads (Hampton Roads, VA) Reading Comprehension (grades 4 + )
Battle of Shiloh Church (Pittsburg Landing, TN) Reading Comprehension (grades 4 + )
Belle Boyd (A Confederate Spy) Reading Comprehension (grades 4 + )
Harriet Tubman Reading Comprehension (grades 2 + )
Harriet Tubman Reading Comprehension (grades 4 + )
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