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Dr. Chomper and Fast Food Math – A Number Sense Game

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Based on This Game:

Print out Lesson Plan

Practice using Picture-based Math (online)

  * Dr. Chomper Addition 1
  * Dr. Chomper Addition 2
  * Dr. Chomper Subtraction 1
  * Dr. Chomper Subtraction 2

Practice using standardized test simulation

  * Adding Numbers to 18
  * Adding two-digit numbers (regrouping)
  * Adding two-digit numbers (no regrouping)
  * Adding a one-digit number with a two-digit number (no regrouping)
  * Adding a one-digit number with a two-digit number (no regrouping)
  * Subtracting Numbers from 18
  * Subtracting two-digit numbers (regrouping)
  * Subtracting two-digit numbers (no regrouping)
Print Worksheet (s)
  * Dr. Chomper Addition Level 1
  * Dr. Chomper Addition Level 2
  * Dr. Chomper Subtraction Level 1
  * Dr. Chomper Subtraction Level 2
  * Dr. Chomper Subtraction Level 3
Common Core Alignment
Age Appropriateness/Rationale

Dr. Chomper Common Core Alignment

Age Appropriateness/Rationale

Dr. Chomper is addicted to fast food! Earn your gold medal certificate my helping Dr. Chomper eat as much fast food as possible by selecting the fast food item labeled with the math problem that matches the answer at the top of the screen. Be careful, choose the wrong fast food item will give Dr. Chomper indigestion.

Dr. Chomper is perfect for kids ages 7-9, Grade Levels: 2.2 – 4.0 (apx.)

Scoring Breakdown and Grade Level Equivalency

Round Grade Level Equivalency
3 2.5
4 2.8
5 3.1
6 3.4 (mastery)


Skills Reinforced:

Basic Addition
Two-digit Addition
Two-digit Addition with regrouping
Basic Subtraction
Two-digit Subtraction
Two-digit Subtraction with regrouping