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Cash Out – A Making Change Game for Kids

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Lesson Plan and Standards Info.

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Age Level Appropriateness
7 – 12
Coin/Currency Recognition
Counting Money
Making Change
Adding and Subtracting Decimals
Money Word Problems
Exchanging Money
Mental Math

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Score Certificate
1-5 $1.00 certificate
6-10 $5.00 certificate
11-15 $10.00 certificate
16-20 $20.00 certificate
21-25 $50.00 certificate
26-30 $100 certificate
31-35 $500 certificate
36 + $1,000 certificate





  • Step 1.) Choose game play options
  • Step 2.) On the game board, read the transaction in the bubble to find out how much change you owe the customer
  • Step 3.) Give customer change by clicking on the coins under the cash register. For example, if you owe the customer $0.35, you would click once on a quarter, and once on a dime.
  • Step 4.)Click “give change” when you are done. Repeat the process to make as many sales as possible in three minutes.