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Bowling Pin Math – an Addition and Subtraction Game for Kids

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7 – 10
Basic Addition
Basic Subtraction
Greater Than/Less Than
Comparing Equations
Mental Math

Text Instructions:

Step 1.) Read the message at the top of the game.

Step 2.) Click on all of the bowling pins that meet the criteria. For example, if the message reads “Click on all pins greater than 7″, you would click on all of the bowling pins that had a problem that equaled a number greater than 7. Then click “Roll Now”. The object of the game is to knock down as many pins as possible in ten frames. Be mindful of the timer!
Step 3.) The game reveals how accurate your clicks were. Green pins are those that were supposed to be clicked, and red pins are those that were not supposed to be clicked. Dull pins are those that were clicked.