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Whimsical Windows - Online Game

Welcome to Whimsical Windows. It is here, behind one of the 15 windows, where you can find the long lost black unicorn stallion. Each window, however, is locked and only a special equation can open it. To find the equation, you'll need to look at the relationship between the ordered pairs etched into each window. One equation governs each of the ordered pairs. Such a relationship is referred to as a function. Click on a window and find the equation. If you are correct, the window will open and you'll discover one of forty possible animated animals. You may find a tiger, giraffe, giant panda, koala, or others such as sabertooth tiger, wholly mammoth, the kraken, white unicorn, and of course the mythical and mysterious black unicorn stallion. The game ends, and all of the windows open when you solve the equation for the window that opens to the black unicorn stallion.


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