Yellowstone River Delta


What is a River and Delta?

River - A large natural stream of water.
Delta - A fan shaped deposit of mud at the mouth of a river.

What is an Example of a River or Delta?


The Nile river is a large river in northern Africa. Its two major tributaries, the White Nile and Blue Nile originate in different parts of Africa, but merge at Khartoum, Sudan. Much of the river flows through the barren Sahara Desert. The Nile River is considered the longest river on earth. Egyptian civilization has been dependent on the Nile River for thousands of years.

The Nile River empties into the Mediterranean Sea via the Nile River Delta. At the delta, the Nile River divides into numerous branches and forms several lakes. The Nile River Delta contains the most fertile land for agriculture in all of Egypt. Nearly 34 million people live along the delta.