Read the passage and answer the questions.

In 1776, America and England were at war. George Washington was made leader of the new American army, which was called the Continental Army. The Continental Army, however, had no fighting experience and few supplies. Throughout the war, Washington’s army suffered from food and clothing shortages. Some soldiers, many of whom were just teenagers, lacked shoes or blankets to sleep with at night. Soldiers in the army were often freezing cold, sick, and suffering from disease.


Despite the many problems and setbacks, and after six long years of fighting, Washington led the Continental Army to victory over the English and America became a free nation. It seemed an impossible fight. The English army was considered the most powerful in the world, but Washington had somehow led his army to victory.


America would be forever grateful to George Washington. He’d be called “father of our country.” He’d be America’s first president and would have cities, a state, monuments, colleges, highways, and parks named after him. His face is on our one-dollar bill and quarter.