Read the passage and answer the questions.

Viruses in People


In people, a virus is a tiny molecule that attacks, multiplies, or copies itself once it is inside the body. When your immune system attacks these invaders, you feel sick. Usually, your immune system can destroy the virus and eventually you feel better. People can take certain medicines to help themselves feel better when they have a virus. Viruses can easily be spread from person to person.


Viruses in Computers


In a computer, a virus is made up of lines of code that cause a computer or computers to function in ways that are harmful. Just like in people, computers sometimes show signs of having a virus. Sometimes they work very slowly or sometimes screens and pictures pop up that aren’t supposed to. Other times, however, people don’t know their computers have viruses and these viruses can steal passwords and other important information. Certain viruses can spread from computer to computer. When a computer has a virus, programs can be used to find and destroy the virus. These programs, however, don’t always work.