Read the passage and answer the questions.

Harriet Tubman was born a slave. In the 1800s, slaves were African-American people who were forced to work. They were “owned” by their masters and had no rights. They could be bought and sold, and ripped away from their families forever. Harriet Tubman wanted a better life. She ran away from her “owners” on what came to be known as the Underground Railroad. The Underground Railroad was not really underground and it was not really a railroad. It was a series of long paths through the woods that led to freedom for slaves in the Northern United States. It was very dangerous, and very long, but Harriet Tubman made it to freedom!

After Harriet became free, she helped her family members and other slaves to freedom along the Underground Railroad. Southern slave owners were very angry with Harriet, and offered large rewards for anyone who could capture her. Harriet, however, was never captured. In all, she helped over 70 slaves to freedom in the North. Former slaves called her “Moses.” That is one reason why Harriet will be known forever as the Conductor of the Underground Railroad.