Read the passage and answer the questions.

Kate woke up one morning. She was very hungry. She went out to the kitchen.


" Good Morning, Kate," said Mom.


"Good morning. I'm very hungry, Mom," Kate said.


"You could have some toast," said Mom.


"I'm hungrier than that," said Kate.


"You could have some oatmeal," offered Mom.


"I'm hungrier than that, too," Kate said.


"How about some blueberry pancakes?' asked Mom. "We can make them together."


"That sounds great," agreed Kate. "Let's get started."


Mom got out the ingredients. Kate got out the mixing bowl and the measuring cup. Carefully they measured out the flour and baking powder. They put these dry ingredients in the bowl. Mom added the milk and oil.


"I'll put in the egg," Kate said. She cracked an egg over the bowl. She added the blueberries, too. Then Mom gently mixed the batter.


When the batter was ready, Mom set a pan on the stove. Once the pan was hot, she poured in the pancake batter. In no time at all, Mom and Kate each had a stack of blueberry pancakes on their plates. They added butter and maple syrup. They ate all the pancakes.


"What a nice breakfast, Mom." said Kate. "Thank you."


Mom replied, "And thanks to you for helping."