Lobsters are a kind of ocean creature called crustaceans. Crabs and shrimp are crustaceans too. Lobsters, and most other crustaceans, are found throughout the world's oceans, often under rocks or in cracks on the sea floor.

Lobsters have five pairs of legs, three of which are claws. The front claws, sometimes called pincers, are larger than the others. Scientists believe lobsters can live up to 70 years!

People love to eat lobsters! The state of Maine is famous for the lobsters found along its Atlantic coast. Here, lobsters are often served with melted butter, corn on the cob, and French fries. Did you know that Lobsters only turn red after they are cooked? In the wild they can be grayish, yellow, green, blue or multi-colored.


5. Lobsters are a kind of ocean creature called ________________.
6. Lobsters are only _________ after they are cooked.
7. Lobsters are related to crabs and ____________.


1. Lobsters are often found under rocks or in __________ on the ocean floor.
2. Lobsters have __________ pairs of legs.
3. The lobster's front claws are often called _____________.
4. This state of ____________ is famous for its delicious lobsters.
5. Lobster is often served with melted butter, _________, and French fries.