French and Indian War Battles

Fort Necessity
Fort Duquesne
Fort Niagara
Fort Beausejour
Fort Frontenac
Lake George
Thousand Islands
Quebec (Plains of Abraham)

Battle of Fort Frontenac (1758) - Public Domain Image

The Siege of Fort Frontenac, which occurred between August 25-27 1758, was one of the most important tactical victories for the British in the French and Indian War. 2,200 soldiers under the command of British Lt. Col. John Bradstreet besieged the fort and its 110 French inhabitants. The badly outnumbered French had no choice but to surrender quickly.

As a result of their victory, the British cut one of two major supply and communication lines that connected Montreal and Quebec City with the western territories of New Canada. In addition, the British seized over 800,000 pounds of supplies from the fort.