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North America

Area: 9,540,000 sq. miles (3rd)
Population: 579,024,000 (4th)
Largest Nation: Canada
Most Populous Nation: United States
Highest Mountain: Denali (AK, United States)
Longest River: Missouri River
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South America

Area: 6,890,000 sq. miles (4th)
Population: 420,458,000 (5th)
Largest Nation: Brazil
Most Populous Nation: Brazil
Highest Mountain: Aconcagua (Argentina)
Longest River: Amazon River
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Area: 3,930,000 sq. miles (6th)
Population: 741,447,158 (3rd)
Largest Nation: Russia
Most Populous Nation: Russia
Highest Mountain: Mt. Elbrus (Russia)
Longest River: Volga River
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Area: 11,730,000 sq. miles (2nd)
Population: 1,225,080,510 (2nd)
Largest Nation: Algeria
Most Populous Nation: Nigeria
Highest Mountain: Kilimanjaro (Tanzania)
Longest River: Nile River


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Area: 17,210,000 sq. miles (1st)
Population: 4,463,000,000 (1st)
Largest Nation: Russia
Most Populous Nation: China
Highest Mountain: Mt. Everest (China/Nepal)
Longest River: Yangtze River


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Area: 2,970,000 sq. miles (6th)
Population: 24,130,000 (7th)
Largest City: Sydney
Highest Mountain: Mt. Kosciuszko
Longest River: Murray River


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Area: 5,400,000 sq. miles (5th)
Population: None
Largest City: None
Highest Mountain: Mt. Vinson
Longest River: Onyx River (20 miles!)


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