Competition Mode? 
Drag and drop the students so they are lined up in order from GREATEST to LEAST
Mr. Nussbaum's class has had a lot of trouble proceeding quietly and calmly from the classroom to the cafeteria lately. He's so fed up that he assigns each student positions in the lunch line! As the instructor for ten rowdy and underachieving celebrities and historical figures, Mr. Nussbaum always has a lot on his mind. Lately, it's been hard for him to remember who goes where, which is why he devised a foolproof numerical system to ensure everyone is in their assigned place.

Today, however, Mr. Nussbaum is out of the classroom doing running records and you are the substitute. The only thing written in his plans is "MAKE SURE THE STUDENTS LINE UP FOR LUNCH CORRECTLY!" It's a big job, and you have no choice but to be up for the challenge. Do not let him down. Use your math skills to line up his students correctly.

Number Line