Drag and drop the students onto each other to match the fractions and proportions
Today is a special day. You are going on a field trip! Unfortunately, Mr. Nussbaum's car broke down on the way to school, and he is unable to make it on time. Instead, a substitute teacher is taking the class. Before the class can leave, each students needs to be assigned a "buddy" to stay with at the field trip just to ensure no one gets lost.

Mr. Nussbaum's buddy system, however, is more complicated than most! Students are assigned rational numbers and their "buddies" are those with equal proportions. Each student has only one buddy, but Mr. Nussbaum forgot to leave the answer key. Now, it's your job to MAKE SURE each student pairs with the correct buddy. Drag and drop the "buddies" with equal proportions together. If you can correctly pair all twelve students, you'll get to print out images of all buddies happily ready for their field trip.

Calculation Area
DOES A X B = B X C ?