The Common Raven is thought of as one of the most intelligent birds. It is also one of the world’s most widespread birds. The Raven has been depicted in Native American folktales as a trickster. Ravens are known to be playful birds and have been noted yanking the tails or cats and dogs and even flying upside down at times. Ravens will even steal foods from campers.

Measuring up to 27 inches in length, the Common Raven is the world’s largest songbird. It is entirely black and told from the American Crow by its larger size, thicker bill, and wedge-shaped tail that is visible when the bird is in flight. Ravens have elongated neck feathers called “hackles” which give them a shaggy appearance. Males and females are similar.



The Common Raven will eat just about anything including scraps from humans, eggs, mice, small birds, insects, fruit, grain, carrion, and trash.


The Common Raven is a year-round resident throughout most of Canada, the western United States, Mexico, Central America, and parts of the Appalachian Mountains in the east. The Common Raven is also common in Eurasia and northern Africa. Tundra, high mountains, boreal forests, grasslands, deserts, deciduous forests, high cliffs, and cities.


The Common Raven is very common in western North America and increasing in the Appalachian Mountains.
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