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Burnsides' Billions

Mr. Burnsides is leaving you his fortune, but under one condition… You need to buy up his favorite world landmarks in the next days!

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Burnside's Billions

The goal of this game is to purchase all of the landmarks within the time limit.

You can explore the landmarks by clicking on the small circles seen on the map.

Click on the Buy? button to purchase a landmark. You will see the price of the landmark in its local currency and five options in US Dollars which you can pay to purchase the landmark.

Use the Calculator and Rates buttons to help you determine the correct amount to pay.

If you offer less than the amount due, your transaction will fail and you will lose your 50% deposit.

If you offer more than the amount due, your transaction will succeed, but you will obviously lose money on the deal.

As time goes by, the properties you own will increase in value, but the ones you need to buy will also cost more.

If you run out of money, you can sell a property by clicking on the Sell? from the landmark information screen.

To buy all of the landmarks in time, you'll need to manage your money wisely. Good luck!

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Select your offer price and click on the Make Offer button.

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You've purchased all of the world landmarks and inheritied the rest of the fortune!

This deed hereby affirms that You own world landmarks

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Tough luck…

You tried but didn't succeed. Mr. Burnsides is already looking for another person to help him acheive his dream.