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Terminator Turkeys and the Rise of Tanksgiving - Online Game

For almost 400 years, the turkeys of North America have been gathering intelligence and secretly collaborating to plot their revenge on the dreadfully carnivorous human race. Finally, on the 400th anniversary of the first Thanksgiving, they're ready to unleash their ultimate weapons: The Terminator Turkeys on a holiday they've renamed Tanksgiving. Combining superior technology with 400 years of rage, these turkeys have secretly engineered indestructible turkey-friendly tanks to rumble through the continent's most turkey-hungry cities in an attempt to turn as many frantically fleeing humans into turkeys by blasting them with magically powered thanksgiving day sides. New York | Washington | Pittsburgh | Chicago | St. Louis | San Francisco Rumble through each of the cities listed above and blast the running humans with your sides. Look for the word located above your targets and type in the correct letter that is missing. Be careful, however, if you click the wrong letter, you'll lose precious ammo. Watch the timer as well! When you run out of ammo, or, if you run out of time, your timeless mission will result in failure.


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