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The word mosquito comes from a Spanish and Portuguese word that means 'little fly.' Mosquitoes can be found all over the and are usually known for pesky bites causing a person to have an uncomfortable itch. However, mosquitoes are also known for some of the worst diseases in the world including malaria, tallow fever, encephalitis, dengue, and most recently the Zika virus. Unfortunately, mosquitoes cause more than any other animal in the world. Female mosquitoes are the ones that actually bite a person by using their mouth like an upside-down funnel. They bite humans and animals when they are not trying to produce eggs. Their mouth contains a narrow end pointing down the victim as it sips liquid. This liquid is either human or animal blood or nectar inside plants. It depends on the species of the mosquito. Male mosquitoes mainly feed on the of plants. When a female mosquito feeds on blood it can up its abdomen up to three times its regular body weight. Mosquitoes also have a for people with O-type blood, high body heat, heavy breathers, and pregnant women. Pregnant women are especially vulnerable to mosquitoes as related to the Zika . These specific people are most at because when humans release carbon dioxide, mosquitoes can sense it up to 100 feet away. This is also why mosquitoes are usually around a person's head.