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9/22/23 - MrNussbaum.com is NOW 20 Years old. Celebrate our birthday with a 60% off present when you register for MrN 365- the subscription, ad-free, all-content, teacher-curated, enhanced feature version of MrNussbaum.com. Use the code happybday

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What is MrN365.com?

MrN365.com is the subscription version of MrNussbaum.com. It is available to parents, teachers, homeschoolers, or educators of any type, to provide additional content, features and functionalities unavailable on MrNussbaum.com.


What does MrN365.com provide that MrNussbaum.com does not?


  • No Ads - There are no advertisements on MrN365.com. While MrNussbaum.com is largely supported by advertisements, MrN365.com is supported by subscription fees.
  • Reading Comprehension Assessment Program - If you or your school uses Google Classroom, our program converts the existing reading comprehension passage and question sets to Google Forms, where they can be used to record scores, statistics, and student data. Over 300 of our exercises are available as forms.
  • Additional Google Classroom Material in Math, Social Studies, and Language Arts - Thousands of our online printable math activities as well as writing prompts and social studies materials are now available as Google forms or docs that can be used as assessments to collect data.
  • Student Dashboard - This feature simplifies the MrNussbaum experience and allows educators to attach specific activities to the student dashboard. When your class logs in to MrN365.com with the credentials you provide, students will only see those activities that have been hand-picked by their educator. Such activities can be organized by subject, class, student, or any other key word or phrase, and can also be scheduled to appear on a specific day or days, or in a time range. Educators can also pick expiration days for activities.
  • Additional Content - MrN365.com features roughly 6,000 additional activities unavailable on MrNussbaum.com
  • Activity Bundles- Our entire library of bundled printable activities is available on MrN365.com. These bundles are not available on MrNussbaum.com, but can be purchased on Teachers Pay Teachers. Bundles combine printables from a certain subject. For example, rather than having to download individual printables on the Civil War, our activity bundle would group all Civil-War related printables into a single PDF, saving you lots of time and effort.
  • Make Your Own Activities - MrN365.com allows you to make digital game shows, board games, reading exercises, or cloze reading passages using your own question sets.

What does MrN 365 Cost?

MrN 365 costs $79 per year for a single teacher and all students directly associated with that teacher. We usually have some kind of promotion running that lowers the cost. The cost for a school is $899 per year. This includes all teachers and students in the school. Subscription fees automatically renew, but subscriptions can be cancelled online or by contacting us. Three-month and six-month subscriptions are available as well.

Are there data privacy concerns?

Our site does not collect student data (PII). When using our Reading Comprehension Assessment System, any student information is collected through your school or district Google Classroom installation.


Upgrade to MrN 365 to access our entire library of incredible educational resources and teacher tools in an ad-free environment. If you like MrNussbaum.com, you will LOVE MrN 365!

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