Grade levels 

Greatest American Zero

Can you win One Quattuorvigintillion Dollars?

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Age Level Appropriateness
10 – 13
Tens, hundreds, thousands, and higher
Place value
Envisioning Numbers
Converting written numbers
Large Numbers


Text Instructions:

Greatest American Zero, it is your job to use your knowledge of zero to free the captive penguins, pelicans, and puffins of Green Gables imprisoned by the nefarious Dr. Confusion. In his continuous quest to bring misery to the your homeland, Dr. Confusion has eliminated math from Green Gables and only you are immune to his terrible influence. The government of Green Gables has agreed to pay you $1 for starting, and it will add one zero for every bird you free.

Free the captive birds by reading the spelled-out number on the top signpost of each of their cage. Envision the number and count how many zeros occur. Then, use your zero blaster to blast the correct number of zeros at the bottom blank signpost. If you are correct, you will free the bird. There are fifteen birds to free in each of the first three rounds. Be careful, though, the second and third round are much harder. Avoid falling timer flames and don’t waste zeros. If each round you have three lives.

If you make it to the third round, you can print out a special certificate at the end of the game. If you make it past the third round, you can battle Dr. Confusion himself