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MrNussbaum XTEND is a FREE system designed for use in the classroom or in a homeschool environment. It is online-based system that can be used on a computer or tablet that runs custom-made educational software modules from designed for teachers, students, and homeschooling parents.
Teachers first register and then register their students. The system will automatically generate user names and passwords for students. Teachers can register up to three classes and 100 total students. When you register, you’ll have access to two programs, Cloze Reading and Rewards. In the marketplace, you can purchase additional programs that will be added to your account after you purchase them. Please note it can take 24 hours AFTER your purchase for the new programs to be available in your account. Teachers will deploy (send) individual activities from the programs to student accounts for students to complete. Both teachers and students will be able to view detailed records about student performance on each activity or game.

Getting Started Video



  • Free (and very quick one-time) Registration and FREE Cloze Reading (Contextual Vocabulary) program with registration
  • Use my pre-made exercises for programs, or, make, save, and deploy your own! (for Reading Comprehension Central, Cloze Reading, Drag n Drop Math, or, Fractions Workshop
  • Register up to 3 classes and/or 100 students. No login limits! Use from school or home
  • Program appropriate for grades 1-7; everything is grade leveled
  • Purchase individual programs through so only purchase EXACTLY what you intend to use
  • Much Cheaper (and more fun) than competitive products and much more fun for learners.
  • Advanced Deployment and Record Keeping
  • Common Core Aligned
  • No Advertisements
  • Made by a CURRENT public school teacher with experience in grades 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6
  • Great motivation. Use individual or group game deployment as rewards!
  • Works with any device
  • Discounted for At-risk schools and districts


Total Access Math





  • Program appropriate for grades 1-6
  • 40 of the best Math Games and associated online practice modules and printable worksheets
  • Aligned to Common Core, hits most standards
  • Comes with instructional videos and lesson plans (in some cases). No having to "figure stuff out."
  • Includes advanced recording metrics to gauge student progress, mastery, place in class, and grade level equivalencies
  • Awesome to use as rewards in the classroom. Deploy games/activities to your entire class or to individual students
  • Program rewards for achievement!
Reading Comprehension Central



  • Program appropriate for grades 2-7
  • 140 + online reading comprehension exercises and question sets designed to mirror state-madated standardized tests
  • Includes advanced recording metrics to gauge student progress, mastery, and place in class
  • Adjustable settings allow for the addition of colored highlighters or for timers.
  • Cross-curricular, interesting passages focus on science, social studies, economics, or pop culture.
  • Over 1,000,000 of these reading practice exercises are recorded each month on
  • Program rewards for achievement!
  • Make and deploy your own reading comprehension passages and question sets!
Cloze Reading



Free with Registration

  • Free with registration!
  • Program appropriate for grades 2-7
  • 100 + exercises integrated with science and social studies
  • Includes advanced recording metrics to gauge student progress, mastery, and place in class
  • Includes Word Bank functionality so that students can see every word they they use correctly and every one used incorrectly. Teachers can see percentage of class that uses each word correctly/incorrectly.
  • Make and deploy your own cloze reading exercises!
  • Program rewards for achievement!
Drag ‘N’ Drop Math



  • Create addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems sets for students, or, let the system randomly generate problems
  • Students complete problems on an interactive drag and drop stage; perfect for students who have trouble organizing rows and columns of numbers
  • 100% customizable: You determine the number of problems, the number of digits in each problem, traditional equations or "x" is the unknown, and much more!
  • Detailed record keeping and statistical analyses.
  • Aligned to nearly 30 Common Core Standards for grades 1-4 math.
  • Use pre-made problems sets, or, make your own.
  • Program rewards for achievement!
Fractions Workshop



  • Make and deploy your own fractions problem sets or use the systems pre-made problem sets
  • Ordering and reducing fractions problems available
  • Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of fractions and mixed numbers available.
  • Students complete problems on a unique drag and drop stage, perfect for fractions operations
  • Includes a fraction “visualizer” than turns any fraction into an image
  • Detailed record-keeping and statistics for teachers and students.
  • Use pre-made problems sets, or, make your own



  • Set up friendly academic tournaments for your students involving any of 100 different math skills
  • Use different Mr. Nussbaum Games as well
  • Allow the system to match up your students, or, set the match-ups yourself
  • Set match-ups to test how many problems students can answer in one, two, three, four, or five minutes
  • Just like a College Basketball March Madness Tournament, only with math skills and your students!
  • Enter up to 100 students!



  • Deploy over one hundred black and white outlines maps of continents, nations, and states
  • Deploy or print customized maps of the ANY PART of the world by using the map extractor tool
  • Students can fill in the maps with colors, shapes, text, map key and much more
  • Students can make the maps communicate by adding hot spots that display text when rolled-over
  • Students can save, preview, and print maps
  • Grade and make comments to students about their maps; all recorded in record book.
  • Create public map galleries when classes finish maps
  • More Features coming!



  • Create and deploy drag and drop “timeline” games for students to sequence events.
  • Each game can include between 8 and 24 events
  • Use pre-made timeline quizzes on U.S. and World History, the Civil War, and the American Revolution.
  • Advanced record-keeping included
  • Fantastic for promoting historical sense, chronology, and sequencing, particularly for history.


Free with registration

  • Use any or all of three different reward sets (magic coins, world flags, or your own classroom currency)
  • Program the system to dispense rewards when students achieve at specified levels (scores or percentage correct)
  • Encourage students to complete their online collections of rewards. you won’t believe how motivating this is
  • Students can trade rewards online with their classmates!
Geography Central



  • Includes 14 geography games that reinforce the 50 states, state capitals, U.S. Cities, U.S. landmarks, continents, world oceans, U.S. rivers and mountain ranges, cardinal directions, U.S.A. problem solving, and latitude and longitude
  • Detailed record-keeping and statistics for teachers and students.
  • Program rewards for achievement!


Pay for any individual program on MrNussbaum XTEND by logging in and then clicking on the "Marketplace" link. Click the "buy program" button next to the program of interest and use your credit card via Paypal to purchase. Please note, programs do NOT automatically become available. It will normally take a few hours, but can take up to 24 hours for your new programs to appear in your account. Please note that by default, purchases are recurring, which means you will automatically get billed to use the program again in one year. You can change this setting to one-time billing on the paypal page when you are checking out

You can also pay via purchase order or personal check. There is a link on the payment page to pay using a check or purchase order.

A school account is $300.00/year and includes all programs for all teachers, students, and parents. Please contact me for more details.





Please note that I usually run a promotion on my facebook page once a week that offers programs for free! Click the "follow me on Facebook" link at the bottom of this page to become a fan.