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USA Sortable Quick Facts

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State Bird


Population Area (sq. miles)

Alabama (Heart of Dixie) Yellowhammer (Northern Flicker) Camelia 4447100 52423
Alaska (The Last Frontier) Willow Ptarmigan Forget-me Not 643786 663267
Arizona (The Grand Canyon State) Cactus Wren Saguaro Blossom 5456453 113998
Arkansas (The Natural State) Mockingbird Apple Blossom 2710079 53179
California (The Golden State) California Quail Golden Poppy 33872648 163707
Colorado (The Rocky Mountain State) Lark Bunting Rocky Mountain Columbine 4301261 104100
Connecticut (The Constitution State) American Robin Mountain Laurel 3405565 5544
Delaware (The First State) Blue Hen Chicken Peach Blossom 783600 1984
Florida (The Sunshine State) Mockingbird Orange Blossom 15982378 65758
Georgia (The Peach State) Brown Thrasher Cherokee Rose 8186453 59441
Hawaii (The Aloha State) Nene Hibiscus 1511231 10932
Idaho (The Gem State) Mountain Bluebird Syringa 1293953 83574
Illinois (Land of Lincoln) Cardinal Illinois Native Violet 12419293 57918
Indiana (The Hoosier State) Cardinal Peony 6080485 36420
Iowa (The Hawekye State) American Goldfinch Wild Rose 2926324 56276
Kansas (The Sunflower State) Western Meadowlark Sunflower 2688418 82282
Kentucky (The Bluegrass State) Cardinal Goldenrod 4041768 40411
Louisiana (The Pelican State) Brown Pelican Magnolia Blossom 4468976 51843
Maine (The Pine Tree State) Black Capped Chickadee White Pine Cone and Tassel 1274923 35387
Maryland (The Old Line Tree) Baltimore Oriole Black-eyed Susan 5296486 12407
Massachusetts (The Bay State) Black Capped Chickadee Mayflower 6349097 10555
Michigan (The Wolverine State) American Robin Apple Blossom 9938444 96810
Minnesota (The Land of 10,000 Lakes) Common Loon Pink and White Lady’s Slipper 4919479 86943
Mississippi (The Magnolia State) Mockingbird Magnolia 2844658 48434
Missouri (The Show-me State) Eastern Bluebird White Hawthorn 5595211 69709
Montana (The Big Sky State) Western Meadowlark Bitteroot 902195 147046
Nebraksa (The Cornhusker State) Western Meadowlark Goldenrod 1711263 77358
Nevada (The Silver State) Mountain Bluebird Sagebrush 1998257 110567
New Hampshire (The Granite State) Purple Finch Purple Lilac 1235786 9351
New Jersey (The Garden State) American Goldfinch Purple Violet 8414350 8722
New Mexico (The Land of Enchantment) Roadrunner Yucca 1819046 121593
New York (The Empire State) Eastern Bluebird Rose 18976457 54475
North Carolina (The Tarheel State) Cardinal Flowering Dogwood 8049313 53821
North Dakota Western Meadowlark Wild Prairie Rose 642200 70704
Ohio (The Buckeye State) Cardinal Scarlet Carnation 11353140 44828
Oklahoma (The Sooner State) Scissor Tailed Flycatcher Mistletoe 3450654 69903
Oregon Mountain Bluebird Oregon Grape 3421399 98386
Pennsylvania (The Keystone State) Ruffed Grouse Mountain Laurel 12281054 46058
Rhode Island (The Ocean State) Rhode Island Red Violet 1048319 1545
South Carolina (The Palmetto State) Carolina Wren Yellow Jessamine 4012012 32007
South Dakota Ring-Necked Pheasant American Pasqueflower 754884 77121
Tennessee (The Volunteer State) Mockingbird Iris 5689283 42126
Texas (The Lone Star State) Mockingbird Bluebonnet 20851820 268601
Utah California Gull Sego Lily 2233169 84904
Vermont (The Green Mountain State) Hermit Thrush Red Clover 608827 9615
Virginia (The Old Dominion) Cardinal American Dogwood 7078515 42769
Washington American Goldfinch Coast Rhododendron 5894121 71313
West Virginia (The Mountain State) Cardinal Rhododendron 1808344 24231
Wisconsin (The Badger State) American Robin Wood Violet 5363675 65503
Wyoming Western Meadowlark Indian Paintbrush 493782 97818