Parents and Teachers: Please note we are making some internal changes to the site. As a result, the Great American Multiplication Challenge, Spellerz!, Burnside's Billions and couple of other games will not show statistics or return save codes for the next few days. They will be playable, but no data will be saved. They should be fully functional again by the end of the week. As always, please support this site by following me on FACEBOOK or TWITTER. – USA Tunes by Rocknoceros has teamed up with the legendary Virginia-based band Rocknoceros to bring you the exciting and catchy state-themed tunes below from their Plymouth Rockers album. Simply click on a state with a play button and enjoy! I guarantee that you’ll have a hard time getting these songs out of your head once you hear them. I don’t typically endorse educational products, but now, these songs are ALL my kids want to listen to in the car. I find myself happily humming the tunes as well.


For more on Rocknoceros and their awesome music: | Rocknoceros Shop | Rocknoceros on iTunes


Want a free Plymouth Rockers CD? Print the scavenger hunt, follow the prompts, listen to the songs below and e-mail me the answers! I’ll choose two entries each day at random. If all answers are correct, I’ll mail you a CD. Click here for the scavenger hunt. Click here to e-mail me the answers.


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