Parents and Teachers: Back to School Special! The 58-game APP is free this week in celebration of Back to School. ! In the meantime, I am busy adding new games and content. Please continue to support this FREE site by following me on Facebook or Twitter! Leave comments too and PLEASE spread the word. – USA Tunes by Rocknoceros has teamed up with the legendary Virginia-based band Rocknoceros to bring you the exciting and catchy state-themed tunes below from their Plymouth Rockers album. Simply click on a state with a play button and enjoy! I guarantee that you’ll have a hard time getting these songs out of your head once you hear them. I don’t typically endorse educational products, but now, these songs are ALL my kids want to listen to in the car. I find myself happily humming the tunes as well.


For more on Rocknoceros and their awesome music: | Rocknoceros Shop | Rocknoceros on iTunes


Want a free Plymouth Rockers CD? Print the scavenger hunt, follow the prompts, listen to the songs below and e-mail me the answers! I’ll choose two entries each day at random. If all answers are correct, I’ll mail you a CD. Click here for the scavenger hunt. Click here to e-mail me the answers.


all songs © 2006, 2009, 2015 Rocknoceros