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North Dakota History

1610: Henry Hudson claims eastern North Dakota for England.

1682: LaSalle claims the area around the Missouri River, including the area in North Dakota, for France.

1762: France cedes its lands in North Dakota to Spain.

1763: France cedes more land in North Dakota, around the Mouse and Red Rivers, to England as a result of the French and Indian War.

1802: First non-Indian native of North Dakota born in the state.

1803: Spain returns the land in North Dakota to France.

1803: France sells its lands in North Dakota to the United States as part of the Louisiana Purchase for about $15,000,000

1804 – 1806: Lewis and Clark travel through North Dakota along the Missouri River on their way to and return trip from the Pacific Coast. They set up a winter camp among the Mandan Indians at Fort Mandan. They meet the famous Indian, Sacajawea, who becomes their interpreter.

1818: North Dakota became part of the Missouri Territory.

1834 to 1854: Parts of North Dakota become parts of the Michigan Territory, the Wisconsin Territory, the Iowa Territory, the MinnesotaTerritory and the Nebraska Territory.

1861: North Dakota officially organized as part the Dakota Territory.

1863: Dakota Territory opens for homesteading (people buying and settling the land).

1883: The capitol is moved to Bismarck and the first capitol building is built.

1889: North Dakota becomes the 39th state on November 2.

1915-1921: The Nonpartisan League, a political movement, controls state government until the governor is recalled in 1921.

1961: Roger Maris, a native of North Dakota, breaks the record held by Babe Ruth for most home runs in one season.

1997: Melting snow in April causes the Red River to flood the city of Grand Forks, North Dakota.

2005: Anthrax kills many cattle and hurts the income of North Dakota ranchers.

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