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New Jersey for Kids: Maps | Activities | Facts

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New Jersey in U.S. History

New Jersey Colony
Battle of Trenton (Washington’s Crossing)
Battle of Monmouth Courthouse
Molly Pitcher
Thomas Edison
Grover Cleveland

New Jersey Video: Weehawken Duel Site


New Jersey: Top Five Facts

1. ) Atlantic City, New Jersey features the world’s longest boardwalk.
2. ) On Christmas eve, 1776, George Washington and Patriot forces crossed the Delaware River and defeated a detachment of Hessian soldiers, which ultimately may have saved the Patriots from defeat in the Revolutionary War.
3. ) Cape May, New Jersey boasts the nation’s second largest number of Victorian homes. Only San Francisco has more.
4. ) The Battle of Monmouth Courthouse was the single largest battle of the Revolutionay War.
5. ) Princeton University, founded in 1746, is the nation’s fourth oldest college. It was called the College of New Jersey until 1896.


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