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Maryland For Kids: Maps | Activities | Facts

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Maryland in U.S. History

Maryland Colony
War of 1812
Battle of Antietam
Harriet Tubman
Frederick Douglass
Francis Scott Key
Thurgood Marshall

Maryland Video: Global Warming and the Chesapeake Bay


Maryland: Top Five Facts

1. ) Francis Scott Key wrote the Star-Spangled Banner while watching the bombardment of Ft. McHenry (Baltimore) during the War of 1812.
2. ) The Battle of Antietam, in Sharpsburg, Maryland, was the bloodiest one-day battle in the history of the United States.
3. ) The Maryland-Pennsylvania border is called the Mason-Dixon Line and represents the traditional border between north and south.
4. ) Assateague Island is famous for its wild horses, descended from 17th century horses.
5. ) Edgar Allan Poe wrote his famous poem "The Raven," in Baltimore, Maryland. The city’s professional football team, the Baltimore Ravens is named after the poem.


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