Competitive Learning

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What is Competitive Learning?

Competitive Learning is a revolutionary system built into Mr.N’s Classroom that allows teachers to set up intra-class academic tournaments using any of thirty available games, or, any of hundreds of pre-loaded math or geography drills exercises covering many of the Common Core Standards and sub-standards in grades 1-6. The Competitive Learning environment also allows for student-initiated tournaments and for student-created academic learning teams.

Academic Learning Tournaments literally transform the computer lab into a live event! Academic Learning Tournaments are perfect for students who love competition, for gifted and talented students, and for students who need enrichment.


Teacher-initiated Tournaments

Teachers can create these tournaments for any or all of his or her registered students to compete in. Teachers can allow the system to matchup students, or, can set the matchups themselves. Once the matchups are set, the academic learning tournament functions similar to a typical sports tournament. Students battle their classmates in a given game or drill, and those who score higher than their opponents move on to the next rounds. Rounds are played until there is a single winner. In each tournament, teachers and students can view real-time tournament progress – just like the NCAA Basketball Tournament.



Student-initiated Tournaments

Students using Mr.N’s Classroom can also create their own tournaments and invite their classmates and friends to compete in. These tournaments are perfect for students to compete in at home, or when they are finished with their work.


Academic Learning Teams

Did you know students can create their own Academic Learning Teams on Mr.N’s Classroom? Any student can form their own team and invite their classmates, or other students registered by their teachers. These teams can challenge other teams to academic learning tournaments. These tournaments are slightly different than regular tournaments. To enable teams with different numbers of students to compete, the system records overall average score to decide the victor when two teams compete against each other. Averages are derived from the individual scores of all participating members of a particular team. The team with the highest average score wins. Wins, losses, and overall scores are recorded. The system even awards a Most Valuable Player (MVP) to the two highest scoring members of each team.


Mr. N’s Classroom

The Competitive Learning System, along with many other features are available on Mr.N’s Classroom. A one-year subscription is $2.00 per registered student. To learn more about all of the features of Mr.N’s Classroom, please click here, or, visit the website.