Total Access Math

Total Access Math for the MrNussbaum XTEND System

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  • Appropriate for grades 1-6
  • Includes 40 of the best Math Games and associated online practice modules and printable worksheets – You choose what students can access.
  • Aligned to Common Core, hits most standards
  • Comes with instructional videos and lesson plans (in some cases). No having to "figure stuff out."
  • Includes advanced recording metrics to gauge student progress, mastery, place in class, and grade level equivalencies
  • Awesome to use as rewards in the classroom. Deploy games/activities to your entire class or to individual students
  • Subscription price is a mere $25.00 per year (no login limits, can access from home or school). Limit 100 students and three classes.

Teacher Deployment Screen

Here, teachers can send any game pack or multiple game packs to individual students or entire classes


Game Pack Information Screen

Here, teachers can see what skills each game pack reinforces and can view instructional videos or print out lesson plans for the game. When a game is dragged to the deployment area, this window automatically appears.

Gradebook Entry Example

Here, teachers can view student progress on any game or online module associated with the game. The system keeps track of the number of times the game or exercise was played, the time spent, high score, and average score. Teachers can graph student progress and can find out Grade Level Equivalency estimations based on score as well as whether or not the embedded skill has been mastered.

Teachers can switch gradebook view to include individual students, or, to include all scores on a certain game or activity. In the individual student view, teachers can also see how a student ranks in comparison to the class on a game or activity.

Student View

When you deploy a game pack or game packs to the student, this is what they see. In this case, the teacher has deployed a lot of game packs.

Student Link Screen

When a student clicks on an icon, he or she will have a choice of link. Each game pack includes the game itself, two or more online picture-based math modules, and at least one printable worksheet. The picture-based math modules (labeled as "practice 1" or "practice 2") function as online quizzes, where users see still shots from the game and must answer questions based on them. Picture-based math exercises record most of the same information that the games do and can serve as more formal assessments for the skills of interest.

Student Picture-based Math Screen (Practice)

Here, students must answer questions in a more formal setting by analyzing images taken directly from the game. These pages also record scores and all information concerning student performance on these modules can be accessed in the teacher gradebook section.

Student Game Screen