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Telling Time Games

Welcome to the Games Library. These games provide fun interactive practice on many addition skills covered in the Common Core Standards. Some of these games also reinforce subtraction.

Featured Game: Clockworks

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Clockworks is an exciting multi-skill level game, in which users try to set as many clocks as possible in two minutes. Users can choose from four different skill levels (hour and half-hour, quarter hour, minute, and elapsed time). Available in Spanish as well.

Bedtime Bandits

Bedtime Bandits is a fun game in which players attempt to stay up as late as possible, by using their time-telling skills and magic flashlight to eliminate bedtime-inducing clocks descending from the ceiling.


Clockmaker is a simple game where users can "make" their own clocks and can change the numbers on the clock from regular to roman numerals. Players can use their clock to try to correctly identify the times of ten different clocks as quickly as possible.