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Sentence Surgeons – Sentence Correction Exercises


Sentence Surgeons are innovative, online sentence and paragraph correction exericses that challenge students to fix faulty spelling, grammar, punctuation, and usage.

Instructional Video – Please Watch
Online Sentence Surgeons
Printable Sentence Surgeons
American Civil War  
Backyard Birds  
Backyard Observations  
Bald Eagle  
Lakota Nation  
Iroquois Nation  
Cherokee Nation  
Inuit Nation  
Natural Resources  
Christopher Columbus  
Age of Exploration  
Obstacles of Exploration  
Going Green  
Going Green  
Redwoods Redwoods Printable
Penguins Penguins Printable
Blue Whale Blue Whale Printable
Sand Dollars  
Old Man of the Mountain  
Dallas Cowboys  

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Sentence Surgeons

* Free with registration! Registration is free too! 20 others programs to use as well.
* Appropriate for grades 2-7
* Quickly and easily make your own exercises, or, use those created by other teachers.
* Includes advanced recording metrics to gauge student progress, mastery, and place in class

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$5.00/year Classroom (100 total students)
$3.00/year HomeSchool (up to 8 students)