Shape Invaders


Step 1.) The world is being attacked by a particularly vile bunch of Shape Invaders. Their mission is to cause widespread chaos by bombarding the Earth with imposter shapes (shapes that claim to ones they’re really not). People across the world are becoming confused by these imposter shapes. It is your job (Hexagon Man) to destroy the imposter shapes and prevent even more confusion and chaos! Only you and your magical, golden hexagons can prevent a disaster of epic proportions!

Step 2.) Read the message at the beginning of each round (e.g. “Save the Cube). Blast all shapes that are not the shape mentioned in the message. For example, if the message reads “Save the Cubes”, blast all shapes that are not cubes. You must score 100 points to progress to the next round. Each round becomes harder and requires the blasting of different shapes or groups of shapes. If you blast three incorrect shapes, the game is over and you will have to try again.
Use the left and right arrow keys to move and the space bars to blast your golden hexagons.