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Second Grade iPad Games

Math Games

Defeat the Math Monster
Ultimate Speed Math
Firefly Nights
Skills: +, -, x, / Skills: +, -, x, / Skills: +, -, x, / Number Patterns
Calendar Clowns
Mr.N’s Math Slalom
War Pretzels
Skills: Navigating the Calendar Skills: Navigating the calendar Skills: Telling Time Skills: +, -, x, /
Garage Sale Wizard
Around the World
Maximum Capacity
Shape Invaders
Skills: Comparing Coin Amounts
Skills: Multiplication Skills: Estimation, Addition Skills: Geometry, Shapes
Half-court Rounding
Bowling Pin Math
Tackle Math Ball
Math Fries
Skills: Rounding Skills: Adding and Subtracting Skills: +, -, x, / Skills: Adding and Subtracting
Buffalo Math
World Cup Math
Cash Out
Bedtime Bandits
Skills: Adding and Subtracting Skills: +, -, x, / Skills: Counting money, change Skills: Telling Time
Golden Path
Becoming Lord Voldemath
Great American Mult. Challenge
Skills: Telling Time Skills: +, -, x, / Skills: +, -, x, / Skills: Multiplication
Piggy Bankers
Best Math Friends
Money Tree
Skills: Counting Coins, Problem Solving
Skills: Word Problems
Skills: Number lines and Patterns
Skills: Counting values of coin types or mixes of coins
Decimals of the Caribbean
Decimals of the Caribbean
Skills: (choose whole numbers) matching written numbers with numerical counterparts
Skills: Place Value and Base-10 manipulatives; forming numbers

Language Arts Games

Spelling Central

Extreme Sentence Surgeons

Grilled Cheese Please

Everglades Spelling

Skills: Make word searches, abc order, missing letter etc
Skills: Sentence and paragraph correction
Skills: Spelling
Skills: Spelling; word recognition


Skills: Unscramble Words
Skills: basic vocabulary

Social Studies Games


Totem Pole Maker

Conquer the States

Conquer the Continents

Age Range: 7 – adult
Age Range: 7 – 10
Skills: United States Geography
Skills: World Geography; Country Location

Science Games

Mammal Maker

Insect Generator

Skills: Mammal classification
Skills: Insect parts and classification