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Rewards App for MrNussbaum XTEND System

  • You need this ASAP!
  • Amazing as a behavior management/reward system
  • Distribute magic coins, world flag graphics, or your own classroom currency to students for any reason. These serve as "rewards." Encourage students to collect all magic coins or world flags. You’re in charge of their collections!
  • Program the system to reward students with magic coins, world flags, or your own classroom currency for achieving specific scores on games or activities. You choose the specific reward, or, allow the system to choose a random award.
  • Students can even trade magic coins or world flags with each other online. Teachers can allow or block the trading tool.

Teacher Interface

In the teacher interface, teachers can deploy rewards manually, or, program the system to distribute rewards when students meet certain achievement goals. As you can see, the interface is exactly the same as the other apps. From here, teachers have three choices of rewards to send to students:

  1. "Coins" stands for magic coins. This is a set of 160 graphical coins, each depicting a phenomena of nature, literature, or mystery. There are 40 different coins, but each comes in four different color values. Kids get really in these and LOVE to trade them. Below are some examples:
  2. Flags stand for World Flag Graphics. This is the entire set of world flags, which can be distributed to students one flag at a time. There are 190 total flags and kids love to collect and trade them. This is a decidedly effective educational reward system. Below are some examples.
  3. "Currency" stands for any currency you might already use in your classroom. For example, my currency is called "Neurons." I can then program the system to distribute my own Neurons simply by clicking the "currency" button naming the currency "Neurons" and then assigning the value to distribute to students.


To deploy a reward, simply drag and drop it from the "to deploy" menu to the "to be deployed menu." You’ll see the image appear once you drop it. If you are using the "currency" tab, you’ll click the "click to deploy" button from within the tab and it will automatically appear in the "to be deployed" space. Then select the class or individual student or students to deploy the reward to. It will immediately appear in the online collections of those deployed to. It is important to note, you can use all three rewards options if you choose, or, you can focus on just one.

Rewards Settings (Programming the System)

While you can manually deploy rewards for any reason, you can also program the system to deploy rewards you select if students meet certain achievement goals, depending on what other apps you use. For example, if you are using the FREE Cloze Reading App and deploy the Benjamin Franklin Cloze Reading exercise to students, you can program the system to give specific rewards of your choice to students if they score 80% or above (for example). Just click the "Rewards Settings" button. You can see in the illustration above, I have programmed the system to distribute specific rewards for games I have deployed to students from the Total Access Math app.

From the Student Perspective

Magic Coin Collection

When you deploy a magic coin to a student, his or her collection will appear as the example below. Earned coins will turn colorful and can be enlarged. Clicking on the blue buttons below allows students to toggle between their collections.



The system allows students to trade magic coins and flags with each other. To initiate a trade, a students must open the "rewards" app. At the bottom of the page, there is a section for trading. The student would choose the student he or she wishes to trade before clicking the "Trade Rewards with This Friend" button.

Next, the student should select the item(s) he or she wishes to receive along with the item (s) he or she is willing to trade. Students can select multiple items before clicking "request trade."

To see trade requests, simply click the "outstanding trade request" button and evaluate trade. Click the accept or deny button. If you accept, your items will be exchanged with your trading partner’s.