Grade levels 

Free Printable Activities for Teachers | Classrooms | Homeschoolers offers many types of printables. Choose a printable type below and then choose a subject you would like to print out. Submit your printables for others to use on the page! Use the “contact me” page.

NEW – Lesson Plans/Standards Info

Now, view or print out lesson plans focused on games and activities. These are written by current teachers. Most have assoicated printable materials that come with the lesson plans.

NEW – Math Printables and Activities

Fun math printables in virtually every math benchmark designed to align with the Common Core Standards.

Reading Comprehension Passages with Multiple Choice Questions

These printables are two-page .pdfs. The first page is a reading comprehension passage about a topic of interest. The second page is a list of eight or ten multiple choice questions for the passage designed to mirror those found on standardized tests. Answer sheets are available.

Interactive Notebook Printables/Activities offers hundreds of printouts, maps, writing prompts, informational sheets and fun activities for the social studies interactive notebook.

Printable State Outline Maps

Print out any of the fifty state outline maps. Perfect for kids to color and label or for interactive notebooks!

Printable State Flag Outlines

Print out any of the fifty state flag outlines. Perfect for kids to color and label or for interactive notebooks!

Scavenger Hunts

These printables point students to a particular online page or section of and require students to ‘hunt’ for the answers found in the page or section. The scavenger hunts are meant to be printed out so that students can write down their answers while they find them online (always on Some scavenger hunts have printable passages.

Policy on using printable sheets

Teachers and Parents: Teachers, these sheets can be printed for use in your classrooms, or, as homework. All other uses require prior permission. Please e-mail me if you should have questions.