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These activities can be printed, reproduced, and distributed to students by schools, teachers, or parents, free of charge on an unlimited basis as long as the MrNussbaum Logo remains intact.
NEW – Presidential Histomatics – This activity integrates social studies and math. It requires students to analyze a map that shows the number of presidents born in each state and to calculate percentages and fractions.
NEW – James and William – Did you know 23% of American presidents were named James or William? This activity requires students to think of two common first names and to list as many people they can think of as possible with those first names.
NEW – Executive Departments Matching – This activity requires students to match the executive department seal (such as that for the Department of Defense) with a description of the department’s function. Seals are cut and pasted into correct places.
NEW – Presidential Word Search – This printable presidential word search contains all 43 different presidents!
MVP of the American Revolution – Fill out this printable survey activity to figure out who was the MVP of the Revolutionary War. Was it Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, or Hamilton?
Revolutionary First Ladies – Match the pictures of the first six presidents with their first ladies.
What’s Were the Soldiers in Washington’s Crossing Thinking? – This activity requires students to imagine what the figures in Leutze’s famous depiction of Washington Crossing the Delaware River as they painstakingly row through the icy river. Humor is encouraged.
Revolutionary War Figures and Social Media: This activity requires students to design a social media page (like a page on Facebook) for their favorite Revolutionary War figure.
Revolutionary Figures on American Currency: This activity shows students five dollar bills from the present and past and asks students to identify which figure is on each dollar bill.
Writing Prompt – Misery at Valley Forge: This writing prompt requires students to use their knowledge of the miserable conditions of Valley Forge to write a letter home.
George Washington Paralaugh: Much like a mad lib, this activity requires students to write verbs, nouns, and adjectives to make a hilarious paragraph.
Thomas Jefferson has a Bad Day: This writing activity requires students to re-write the most famous passage from the Declaration of Independence with correct spelling and grammar.
Writing Prompt – Is Recess an Unalienable Right? This writing prompt requires students to understand the concept of unalienable rights and then to form a persuasive essay on whether recess is a right or privilege that teachers should be able to take away.
Writing Prompt – The Founding Father: This writing prompt requires students to form an argument for one founding father. In other words, which of the figures considered among the group known as “the Founding Fathers” would best qualify as the Founding Father?
James Madison Reading Comprehension: 10 questions and passage (grade 4)
Thomas Jefferson Reading Comprehension: 10 questions and passage (grade 5)
Abraham Lincoln’s Dream – This printout describes Abraham Lincoln’s famous dream about his own assassination and then requires students to describe and draw a scene from a powerful dream they’ve had.
Futility versus Immortality – This activity requires students to analyze the qualities of poor leaders such as Pierce and Buchanan and contrast them with a leader such as Abraham Lincoln.
Oh Captain! My Captain! – The prinout describes Walt Whitman’s famous Oh Captain! My Captain! elegy to President Lincoln and then asks students to think of their own hero and to write a similar poem.
I Remember Where I was…. (NEW) – Students must relate to the enormity and magnitude of Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation by writing about (in their opinion) the most impactful new event in their own lives.
Mr. Polk’s War – This activity requires students to stage a fictional conversation between James K. Polk and a certain famous Congressman about their disagreements over the real reasons for the Mexican-American War.
Abe Lincoln Reading Comprehension (Middle Years 2 – grades 5 + )
Abe Lincoln Reading Comprehension (Middle Years 3 – grades 5 + )
Abe Lincoln Reading Comprehension (Presidential Years 1 – grades 5 + )
Abe Lincoln Reading Comprehension (Presidential Years 2 – grades 5 + )
Abe Lincoln Reading Comprehension (Presidential Years 3 – grade 5 + )
Abe Lincoln Reading Comprehension (Presidential Years 4 – grade 5 + )