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One of the ways in which MrNussbaumPremium engages and empowers students is by giving them the ability to form academic learning teams. An academic learning team is a “team” created by a student, who names and becomes the “captain” of his or her team. The captain can send invitations via the site to classmates to join the team. Students invited can accept or reject the invitation.

When the captain’s team is set, he or she can challenge other teams to battle in any of the available games or drill exercises. For example, a team captain can challenge another team in a math game such as Becoming Lord Voldemath, or, in a skill such as subtracting mutliples of ten. The “team” with the highest overall average score in the matchup wins, and the high-scoring student from each of the competing teams becomes the MVP. All match records, details, and individual student accolades are recorded in the “team” console.