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MrNussbaum Premium – Common Core Standards

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MrNussbaum Premium is a system as USEFUL to teachers as it is FUN for students. One of the most useful sections for teachers is the “DRILLS” section. Within the drills section of the site, teachers can find math drills and reading comprehension exercises aligned to the Common Core Standards. With every math standard and sub-standard covered, teachers can choose from over 600 different math drill exercises for students to complete via the site. Results of these drill exercises become available in the teacher and student gradebook (only their own results are available for students), where scores and details of scores can be analyzed and sorted in many different ways. MrNussbaum Premium also features over 120 leveled reading comprehension exercises with passages and multiple-choice questions.

Drills or Common Core Standards Teacher Console

Example of Math Drill (multiplying numbers by 4)

Example of Reading Comprehension Drill