MrNussbaum Premium – Inner City Districts

When used correctly, we believe our program will be transformational in inner-city school districts. We offer substantial discounts (up to 90%) for inner-city schools and school districts. Please contact us for more details.

Below is an example of how MrNussbaum Games have been used to improve education in Haiti has teamed up with Massachusetts Institute of Technology Professor of Linguistics Michel DeGraff to bring educational games to the children of the La Gonave village in Haiti. According to Professor DeGraff, the nine educational games from employed in the project are the first to be translated into the native language of Haitian children – Haitian Kreyòl (Creole). is proud to support Professor Degraff’s mission to bring educational resources to Haitian students. Despite the fact that 90 percent of students in Haiti speak Haitian Kreyòl (Creole), the Haitian government refuses to recognize it as a legitimate language. Most Haitian schools continue to use French as their language of education, leaving a huge portion of the population and future generations without access to basic schooling.