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Place Value Pirates Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan Submitted by Barbara Yenner: NBCT, North Carolina

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Place Value Pirates will help students review and practice decimal place value skills.  Students will be able to demonstrate correct understanding of decimal place values, through the use of this interactive game. Students will also be able to correctly identify decimal place values in the tenths and hundredths place.

Common Core Standards:

5.NBT.1 – Identifying the values with numbers with decimals
5.NBT.3 – Place Value with Decimals

Warm-Up Activity #1: 

Begin by watching a video about decimals at
Select either the video titled Decimals and Place Value or Decimals on a Number Line. Both would be an appropriate introduction prior to play the game Place Value Pirates.

Warm-Up Activity #2:

Next, complete the drill titled Indentifying the Values of Numbers with Decimals. This drill can be found at the following link. –   You can complete this activity as a whole group by projecting it for all students to see or using an interactive white board. Additionally, students can work problems at their seats using dry erase boards to follow along. If you are in a computer lab, students can complete this drill as a warm-up review independently, prior to playing the game Place Value Pirates.

Main Activity:

Now that you have reviewed and practiced the skills of place values with decimals you can play the game Place Value Pirates either as a whole group or independently. Before playing Place Value Pirates, it may be helpful to watch the instructional video ( If you are using an interactive white board, allow students to take turns coming to the board to “Slash” the pirate decimals. If you are playing as a whole group, you can hold the rest of your class accountable by asking them to write the answer on a dry erase board and then to hold up their answers.


Distribute and collect the specialized Place Value Pirates worksheet. There are three different worksheets you can use:
Worksheet 1:
Worksheet 2:
Worksheet 3: