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Sir Francis Drake

Sir Francis Drake was one of the most successful pirates of all time, and was even knighted by the Queen of England.


Sir Henry Morgan

Sir Henry Morgan was one of the most famous pirates of all time. He even has a brand of rum named for him. The famous American author John Steinbeck authored a novel about his life entitled "A Cup of Gold."


Calico Jack Rackham

Calico Jack got his name from the black, brown, and white clothes he wore. He may be most famous, however, for his relationship with the female pirate Anne Bonny.

Anne Bonny

Anne Bonny

This fearsome female pirate told Calico Jack Rackham before he was executed, "if you would have fought like a man, you wouldn’t be hanged like a dog"



Likely the most famous pirate of all time, Edward Teach, better known as Blackbeard, was actually never thought to have killed a single person!


Jean Lafitte

Jean Lafitte, a pirate who operated from the American Gulf Coast, was instrumental in helping the Americans to defeat the British at the Battle of New Orleans in 1814.


Barbary Pirates

The Barbary Pirates patrolled the Mediterranean Seas for nearly 400 years as the naval force of the Ottoman Empire. In the early 1800s, American President Thomas Jefferson declared war on the pirates., which served to end their reign.