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Math Tourney
Skills Reinforced: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division
What can you do? Teachers can register their students and conduct online tournaments in which students compete against each other in addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division math facts. Teachers can customize tournaments to include specific tables and the amount of time students have. Database records student performance in each tournament and compiles statistics related to students.
How much does it cost? It is 100% free of charge
Note: You must be an educator or parent to sign up
The Lost Lunchbox
Skills Reinforced: Math, Spelling, Reading, History, Geography, Music, P.E., and many others
What can you do? Inspired by a children’s book I wrote about six years ago, and one I hope to get published, thelostlunchbox.com is the culmination of an educational project I have been trying to produce for several years. I believe it is the web’s first role-playing, educational game for elementary school students. Students have to pass various educational challenges in whimsical classrooms within an enchanted school to obtain clues, secret codes, lock combinations, and secret passages for finding the location of the lost lunchbox as well as “magic pencils,” the currency of the game. The lostlunchbox.com functions like a real video game in which students can save their progress. It was designed to work like a combination of the Legend of Zelda, Harry Potter, and regular elementary school. Be careful though, the game is very challenging and the classroom challenges can be involved. For example, the student will have to mix the correct amounts of ingredients to make a volcano erupt in a science lab experiment. Students will have to study cryptic clues to solve state geography riddles and search carefully through a list of words to find one that is misspelled. Nevertheless, kids will be increasing their knowledge while having a blast trying to solve the game. The graphics are incredible. While the game doesn’t collect any sensitive personal information (other than e-mail address and state or country of residence) users under 13 years of age must get parental permission before playing.
How much does it cost? It is 100% free of charge
MrNussbaum Junior
Skills Reinforced: A variety of educational skills are stressed in the 30 available games
What can I do? If you like the games on MrNussbaum.com, you might love this site. MrNussbaum Junior gives teachers the ability to create classroom online tournaments in which students compete against each other in any of the 30 available games. The system compiles all sorts of statistics, interactive graphs, and more! Teachers simply have to register their class and students, and follow the step by step prompts to creating and deploying tournaments. Students can also practice the games on the site without having the scores recorded in a tournament.
What does it cost? It is completely free of charge!
Instructional Videos: Registering class and students | Making Tournaments | Checking Tournament Status | How do students play the tournaments?
My Great Maps
Skills Reinforced? Map Skills of all sorts!
What can I do? My Great Maps is a site in which teachers and students can create, customize, and interactivate their own world maps, state maps, regional maps, nation map, or flag. Users can make their own map keys, insert flags, make symbols and much more! Teachers can create accounts for students, who can then make interactive atlases. Maps can be saved online or to the user’s computer. They can be embedded into websites or blogs. View sample map
What does it cost? It is totally free!
Videos: How to register students and classes | How to make map Interactive | Making a map key | using map features | saving a map | How to view student atlases
MrNussbaum Premium
What skills are reinforced? A variety of skills in math, language arts, or virtually any subject
What can I do? Teachers can register classes and students, make online quizzes, calendars, message boards, assignment sheets, tournaments, bookmark libraries and much more.
How much does it cost? Now $40.00 for a lifetime subscription or $400.00 for a lifetime school subscription. E-mail me for payment details
Learn more: http://www.mrnussbaumpremium.com