Collective Nouns Crossword Puzzle

Collective nouns

corporation class group team firm
audience cabinet public family  


Complete the crossword, then click on "Check" to check your answer. Use the word bank to help you.
  2          3    
7        8        


2. Our teacher had us count off by twos, and I was part of the "a" ____________.
5. We recorded the song in front of a live, studio ________________.
7. The Secretary of State is among 15 members of the president's _______________________.
9. My brother's law _______________ represents a lot of celebrity clients.


1. Our small company became a ____________________ two years ago.
3. There are no ___________________ bathrooms in the store.
4. My _________________ includes three uncles and two aunts.
6. Members of the ruling _________________ have privileges that the public does not.
8. Our soccer _________________ placed second in the state tournament.