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Modern Pirates

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Today, pirate attacks are far less common than during the Golden Age of Piracy. Nevertheless, pirates still strike in some parts of the world, especially in Indonesia, coastal India, coastal Africa, and off the coast of Brazil and the Amazon River.

In addition, modern pirate attacks are far different than primitive pirate attacks. Today, pirates use small motor boats, assault rifles, and even cellular phones. On November 5, 2005, the Seabourne Spirit, a German-built luxury cruise ship was attacked by pirates off the coast of Somalia. Two pirate speed boats were launched from a "mother boat" nearly 100 miles off Somalia’s coast. None of the ship’s 300 passengers were harmed, though one of the pirate vessels was destroyed and a grendae launched from one of the pirate boats failed to explode when it landed on the cruise ship. The Seabourne Spirit was also able to deploy a long range acoustic device, which repelled the pirates with its powerful soundwave. Modern-day pirates were recently dramatized in the popular movie Captain Phillips.