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Lesson Plan and Standards Information

Age Level Appropriateness
7 – 12
Measurement with Whole Numbers
Measurement with Whole Numbers and Halves
Measurement with Fractions or Decimals
Measurement with Metric Units
Measurement with Standard Units
Standard and Metric Rulers


Text Instructions

Measurement Workshop is a great program for learners of all grade levels. In the "build" mode, users build cities out of metric or imperial (standard) rulers which can be resized, colored, and dragged around the stage to form a ruler city. In this mode, users can compare the relationship between inches and centimeters. In the "play mode" the city is randomly formed by the program and users must determine each building’s length in inches or centimeters. Users can choose from four different measurement skill levels: Whole Numbers (where "buildings" measure in inches or centimeters to whole numbers), whole numbers and halves (where "buildings" measure in inches or centimeters to whole numbers or whole numbers and halves, decimals (where "buildings" measure in inches or centimeters to decimals) and fractions (where "buildings" measure in inches or centimeters to fractions.)