Math Workshops are specialized programs designed to provide teachers and students with every digital tool necessary to effectively reinforce math concepts. These programs are completely customizable to the needs of teachers and students.

Sushi Fractions

In Sushi Fractions, learners must use their fraction “drawing” skills to make sushi to their customers specifications. The object is to ensure all eight customers leave as happy customers! Easier said that done. Some customers are every demanding about the accuracy of their orders; others are more flexible. Users must use the line tool to create the fractions from the sushi. The system will compare drawings with the correct fraction divisions and will return an accuracy score.


Age of the Angles

Angles Workshop is an awesome application designed to reinforce protractor, angle measurement, and angle measure estimation skills. Practice using a protractor to measure angles in the “practice” mode and estimate angle measures in the “play mode.” In the play mode, see how many angle measures you can successfully estimate before exhausting your 100 angle measure limit.


Measurement Workshop

Measurement Workshop is a great program for learners of all grade levels. In the “build” mode, users build cities out of metric or imperial (standard) rulers which can be resized, colored, and dragged around the stage to form a ruler city. In this mode, users can compare the relationship between inches and centimeters. In the “play mode” the city is randomly formed by the program and users must determine each building’s length in inches or centimeters. Users can choose from four different measurement skill levels: Whole Numbers (where “buildings” measure in inches or centimeters to whole numbers), whole numbers and halves (where “buildings” measure in inches or centimeters to whole numbers or whole numbers and halves, decimals (where “buildings” measure in inches or centimeters to decimals) and fractions (where “buildings” measure in inches or centimeters to fractions.)


Envision Division

Welcome to Envision Division. This program will help you to envision the concept of division. Choose a number and make as many division problems as possible from that number. Use the handy draw tool to make groups from stars. For example, if you were to choose 16, you would see 16 stars on the stage. Simply drawa circles around four groups of four stars to make the problem 16 (divided by symbol) 4  = 4. See how long it takes you to divide 16 by as many numbers as possible that divide evenly. Print out your certificate when you are done.


Shape Maker

Shapemaker is a great tool for students learning the shapes. Build, print, and save a picture using 12 different shapes, or, see how fast you can build a shape using my online geoboard.


Amazing Number Chart

The Amazing Number Chart is a free online application for teachers, parents, and students, that reinforces counting, skip-counting, multiples, and number sense. Perfect for grades K-4, The Amazing Number Chart allows teachers to build, save, and deploy to students custom-made number charts that must be filled-in ONLINE according to their rules. No registration required! Simply build your number chart, click "save" and the system gives you a code to give to your students so they can complete your number chart.


Drag N Drop Math

Drag and Drop Math is an interactive program that reinforces dozens of standards in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division found on the Common Core Standards. It allows users to pinpoint exactly what kind of math problems they need to work on and provides a drag and drop stage to allow students to organize numbers neatly in rows and columns.

Drag ‘N’ Drop Fractions | Drag ‘N’ Drop Decimals

Drag N Drop Fraction and Drag N Drop Decimals are amazing drag and drop applications that allow students to complete any kind of fraction or decimal operation in an online stage with tools to help them. These programs allows users to practice ordering, reducing, adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions and mixed numbers and adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing decimals. Our drag and drop system makes ordering and organizing numbers easy. Choose the number of problems to practice, the specific skill to practice and click "begin". Work the problem on the stage and drag and drop the correct numbers to the answer box. The system will indicate immediately whether or not your answer is correct. Printout a score summary when you are finished.

Graph Master

Graph Master is a one-of-a-kind program that allows students to create three different interacive, printable graphs on one screen based on data collected in a survey or poll of their classmates. What makes Graph Master so useful, however, is the fact that after students make their graphs, the program asks them eight multiple choice questions about their graphs using the inputted data.


These programs are completely customizable to the needs of teachers and students. They are especially efficient when paired with TakeLessons math tutors.