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Lewis and Clark: Make Your Own Map


Make Your Own Lewis and Clark Map!


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Lewis and Clark

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Make Your Own Lewis and Clark Map!

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Lewis and Clark - Make Your Own Map!

Use my Maptivation program to make colorful Lewis and Clark maps like the one above. Turn a boring USA outline map into a colorful map that shows the important locations of the Lewis and Clark expedition. Color the states, type on the maps, rotate fonts, plot points on the map, mape a map key, and much more! You can save the map to your own computer! With Maptivation, you can do all of the following:

  • black & white outline map to start
  • fill in colors
  • label colonies
  • rotate text and use different fonts
  • indicate and label cities
  • make rivers and mountains
  • make regions
  • make key
  • use symbols
  • save picture to computer
  • print map
  • no registration necessary