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Insects for Kids – Profiles, Anatomy, Games, Activities and More


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The insects section contains insect profiles, animations, interactive and printable activities, as well as awesome games!

Luna Moth

Insects Interactive

Click on pictures of any of twelve families of insects to learn about them, see pictures, and watch videos all from the same page!


Scary Insects

Here, students can learn about some of the "scariest" insects in the world. Learn about which of these insects look much scarier than they really are, and which REALLY ARE that scary.


Insects Profiles

Learn in-depth information about 16 fascinating insects. Perfect for school reports!


Butterflies and Moths

The butterflies section contains awesome animations, videos, pictures, and information pages about six of the world’s most beautiful butterflies and moths. This section also contains numerous interactive activities such as scavenger hunts and reading comprehension exercises.



The crickets section contains awesome animations, videos, pictures, and information pages about house and field crickets. This section also contains numerous interactive activities such as cricket quizzes, reading comprehension exercises, and paralaughs (mad libs).


Insect Anatomy

Learn all about the different parts and functions of different insects with our anatomy animations on ladybugs, bees, and flies!


Insect Generator

This innovative program allows users to combine parts of different insects to create and describe your own unique insect!



Try to identify all 20 different kinds of insects in the neighborhood with your magic magnifying glass before it gets dark. Print out a certificate showing all of the insects you identified.

Virtual Butterfly Garden

Virtual Butterfly Garden

This fun game allows students to create nine of their own butterflies, release them in one of five habitats, and catch them with specialized butterfly nets (challenging!)


All Insect Activities and Games

Click above to access numerous games and activities devoted to our six-legged friends. Dozens of interactive and printable activities are available along with many fun insect-themed games.

Butterfly story

Paper Wings

Paper Wings is a colorful story that details the life cycle of one very lucky caterpillar, who defied all odds to become a stunning butterfly.